OpenMind Pre-K Virtual Traning

Transforming Challenging Behaviors into Opportunities for Learning

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All Open Mind Products Created by Little Lotus Therapy - Training Conducted by Dr. Jackman and Trainers from Jefferson Franklin Community Action Corporation / ProCAre Solutions

Discover new ways to help children with challenging behavior? 

Improve classroom management? 

Create a more peaceful classroom? 

If so this training is for you!!!

  • Content: 5 P''s

  • Includes: 2 - 90 minute Sessions
    90 minute session 1 - 5P's
    90 minute Session 2 - Separate into virtual workrooms and analyze case studies 

  • Cost: Introductory Offer - $50 per person

  • Capacity: 40 people per training

  • Delivery: Virtual

  • Trainers: Dr. Monica Jackman and Kelly Maurath

Approved for 3 clock hours by the Department of Health and Senior Services for all Childcare Center and Head Start Employees in Missouri.

The 5P Process (Prepare and be Present, Process, Problem-solve, Prosocial Practice and Positive Praise) is a process for helping a child who is exhibiting challenging behaviors, and difficult emotional outbursts. The 5P process was developed to meet two primary goals: 

  1. To view challenging behaviors as a sign that the child is lacking or has not yet adequately developed coping, self-regulation and/or social emotional skills, and

  2. To allow the child time and give the child support to experience, process and cope with difficult feelings and life challenges, and to help the child to solve problems as they arise. 

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Meet The Trainers...

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Dr. Monica Jackman is an occupational therapist and mother of four. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Health Science degree from the University of Florida and a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Chatham University. 

Monica has authored research papers and book chapters on topics including mindful engagement, the mindful engagement support model, occupational therapy in mental health, and teaching mindfulness to children, and has developed and implemented mindfulness-based training programs for caregivers, preschoolers, and school-aged children. She is the author and creator of the OpenMind Preschool Program and co-author of the OpenMind Elementary Program. She has lectured nationally and internationally on mindfulness interventions for children and adults. 


Kelly Maurath is the Associate Director of Child and Family Development for the JFCAC Head Start/Early Head Start program.  In her current role at Jefferson Franklin Community Action Corporation, she oversee the integration of program services to children and families, as well as the governing body that provides direction and oversite of JFCAC’s Head Start / Early Head Start Program. 

She currently hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education with 17 years of Early Childhood work experience, having both classroom experience as well as administrative experience.  Kelly is both a Pre-K CLASS certified observer, as well as Pre-K CLASS certified trainer.  She has extensive experience in utilizing Strength Based Coaching, providing individualized professional development support to improve classroom teacher’s instructional practices.  Over her many years of working with young children, families, and staff, she has come to believe that those professionals who work alongside our precious young children need just as much support to be successful.  Kelly believes that creating a work environment that is inclusive, supportive, open, loving, meaningful, and FUN for those working with young children is the ultimate key to success for the children and families we wrap our arms around!