Family Development Credentialing Program (FDC)

The FDC Program is a Professional Development Course and Credentialing Program for frontline family workers to learn and practice skills of strength-based family support with families. The program includes 90 hours of interactive instruction, based on the text, Empowerment Skills for Family Workers, a strengths-based family support curriculum developed by Cornell University. It is designed to assist all human service professionals in helping families identify their strengths and develop a plan to achieve their own goal of self-reliance. 

General Information: 

  • Covers: Family Development Credentialing

  • Length of training: 90 hours of interactive instruction

  • Delivery: In-Person

  • Trainer: Kimberly Rodriguez

Kim Rodriguez PIC.png


In this course you will learn: 

  • How to use family development skills in your professional and personal lives. 

  • Enhanced skills in helping families develop their own goals of self-reliance. 

  • How to communicate more effectively. 

  • The importance of self-care. 

  • The importance of presence and mindfulness.

  • The importance of cultural competence and diversity. 

  • Enhanced skills and safety of home visiting. 

Meet the Trainer: 

Kim Rodriguez, BS Psychology, Certified Wellness Coach - Anthropedia Institute, Certified Family Development Credential Instructor, Compassion Fatigue Professional, Recovery Support Specialist, Certified Project Manager for Non-profits.

Kimberly Rodriguez is currently the Project Development Manager II for Jefferson Franklin Community Action Corporation. She has worked for community action agencies for over 10 years and in social services for 17 years. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Psychology from Southwest Baptist University. She is a Certified Wellness coach through the Anthropedia Foundation in conjunction with St. Louis University. She is a Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional, as well as a Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator. In addition, Kim is a Certified Family Development Credential Instructor through the National Family Development Credential Program out of the Center for the study of Culture, Health and Human Development at the University of Connecticut. She is also a Recovery Support Services Specialist and is supervising a Recovery Support Program at JFCAC. Kim has 15 years of experience in case management, ranging from adults with mental health issues and/or developmental disabilities, to children with Autism and other disabling conditions. Kim is a Poverty Simulation Facilitator, a Step Up to Leadership Facilitator, a Read from the Start Discussion Leader, and certified Project Manager. She has also completed training on Building Developmental Assets in School Communities. 

Beyond all of this, Kim is also an experienced public speaker, fund raiser and event planner. She has facilitated many trainings, simulations and classes throughout the years. She has co-written grants and is always looking for new opportunities for her community. She enjoys developing new projects and programs based on community needs. Kim believes in a holistic approach to life and has a passion for educating staff to live better lives and to better serve clients, for educating and empowering clients, and for educating communities on all aspects of poverty and human relationships. Kim's true belief is that Education is the most powerful weapon one can acquire to truly create change in the world.